5 Beautiful Locations to Consider For Your Asheville Elopement

couple sitting on rock kissing at asheville elopement

Big, fancy weddings are great, but there are plenty of folks who would rather avoid the pomp and circumstance, preferring something smaller and more intimate. Consider yourself a part of this group? Eloping might be a better fit for you than doing up the more traditional wedding.

Before you get overly excited and start rounding up your closest crew, though, it’s probably a good idea to gather info on possible locations and learn a bit about any requirements you’ll need to meet. Luckily, I’ve done all the legwork for you. So, read along for everything you need to know for a successful Asheville elopement.

couple celebrating at asheville elopement

Location 1: Wiseman’s View

For those who adore the great outdoors but would rather not hike up a mountain to get to the view, Wiseman’s View is a perfect elopement spot. Roughly 60 miles from downtown, it’s far enough to be surrounded by nature but not so far that Google maps won’t be able to save the day if your family gets turned around. And it truly has some of the most beautiful views around, rising high in the sky to overlook the tree-laden gorge below.

Wiseman’s View isn’t just beauty and grace, though. It’s also super convenient for those on a budget, requiring no special permits as long as you keep the guest list under 75 (don’t worry, woodland creature witnesses don’t count towards the total!). However, be aware that four wheel drive vehicles or high clearance vehicles are a must to access this location due to the rough gravel road.

wedding couple holding hands on roan mountain asheville elopement

Location 2: Round Bald

Equal parts grassy, hilly, and gorgeous, Round Bald — commonly referred to as Roan Mountain despite being over a mile in the wrong direction — is another no-brainer if you want an Asheville elopement with a scenic view. Featuring vibrant wildflowers and awe-striking mountain views, this locale makes for jaw-dropping wedding ceremonies and photography sessions. If your mission is to wow, you’ll accomplish it here!

Worried that getting these breathtaking views will literally take your breath away? Don’t be. Round Bald is only a half-mile from Highway 143, which means there’s no crazy hike required. Likewise, there are also no major restrictions either. Almost all rules from Pisgah & Cherokee National Forest hold at this locale, allowing you to stay permit-free with under 10 people in your group (including vendors.)

wedding couple kissing on rough ridge asheville elopement

Location 3: Rough Ridge

Okay, I’ll be totally upfront here. Unlike Wiseman’s View or Round Bald, you’re not going to be able to actually say “I do” here at Rough Ridge since ceremonies are not allowed here. However, I had no choice but to include it on the list because it has some of the most incredible photo ops around, especially during sunrise and sunset. Seriously, just look up a few images. I’ll wait.

Any wedding pictures taken at this spot are immediately going to be incredible. But, rest assured, your ceremony won’t have to suffer for as payback. The Blue Ridge Parkway is close by, and weddings are allowed as long as you apply for a Special Use Permit. Although, be forewarned you’re limited to 25 guests (or less at some locations). In other words, some of your people might have to forego the hour and a half drive and just stay back home in Asheville.

something blue mountain venue asheville elopement

Location 4: Something Blue Mountain Venue

Only 36 miles from Asheville and specifically crafted to be an all-in-one wedding spot, Something Blue Mountain Venue is perhaps the most practical place you could choose for an Asheville elopement. There’s even a small wedding package available, complete with 2-3 venue hours, officiant services, ceremonial decor, and a few guest options all included.

Truly, the folks at Something Blue have covered all the basics, ensuring you’ll want for nothing — or, at least very little. While there are all inclusive packages that cover everything from your hair & makeup artist to marriage license filing & just require you & your guests to show up, some packages you’re still expected to provide your own cake, photography and flowers. Oh, and it is also BYOB. So, you might want to bring the fun beverages if that’s more your speed than boring old bottled water.

wedding couple inside greenhouse aframe Pisgah highlands airbnb asheville elopement

Location 5: Pisgah Highlands A-Frame Airbnb

Looked at all the location options but still haven’t found “the one?” Well, you might just find your ideal fit at this a-frame Airbnb. Nestled in the Pisgah Highlands, 25 minutes from Asheville, it’s private, tranquil, and quiet without being scarily secluded. It offers precisely the intimacy you’ll want to start your marriage off right and at a fantastic price, no less.

But what about the actual ceremony? Those interested in eloping at the 125-acre retreat are more than welcome to do so. Of course, you won’t get the amenities here you might at a dedicated wedding venue, yet it more than makes up for it with amazing views and a peaceful environment. Want it for your own Asheville elopement? Reach out to the hosts today for booking.

Bonus Tips In Finding the Perfect Location for an Asheville Elopement

  • Ask your photographer for location suggestions! We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect location for your Asheville elopement & know all of the rules/regulations that need to be followed for you to enjoy your day, stress-free.
  • Locations such as Max Patch have a maximum group size of 10 due to parking limitations & overuse of the land.
  • Locations such as Black Balsam, Looking Glass Falls, and a handful of wilderness areas are off-limits during holidays & holiday weekends. The forest service also asks that these locations be avoided whenever possible due to the overcrowding.
  • Sometimes Airbnb owners will specify no events at their property. If you fall in love with the idea of eloping at an Airbnb, it’s always worth sending an email & asking if you can book the location for your elopement. Especially if it’s just the two of you, your photographer, officiant, and an additional witness. I’d say about half of the time they’ll say “yes!”

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