Congratulations on making the decision to elope! Your elopement day is JUST as important as if you chose to have a traditional wedding day. 

There's so many things you can do to make your day meaningful & unique - going to breweries, a restaurant, or a flower farm to make your bouquet, hiking, driving up to the blue ridge parkway, going to a second beautiful location for sunset & having a picnic - just to name a few.

You'll get more candid & fun images if I tag along to document the story of your big day. & you'll have more photos to remember your entire day by.  Whether you're wanting only half the day covered or you're planning a multi-day elopement, I'm here for you!

I'll be there with you every step of the way! You can count on me to help with vendor & location recommendations, permit assistance, timeline creation, & other logistics. When it comes to elopements, I'm not just the photographer - I'm also the wedding planner, a witness for your marriage license, & a friend who will help you in any other way that I can! :)

My philosophy

Eloping is no longer flying to vegas for the weekend - it's an opportunity to make your wedding unique to you.

Elopements are a day that is centered around YOU & your partner. Less stress, more adventure.

So how do you even start planning? That's where I come in! I've been professionally photographing elopements for a few years now so I can help you plan the most epic day!

On this page you'll find plenty of information to answer all the questions I'm sure you have about elopement planning & what it's like working with me.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Elopements

Anywhere in the world! No, for real! I will photograph your elopement wherever you want it to be. Pick a location you've never been to before but have always wanted to go. Or a place that is meaningful to your relationship. No matter where you choose to say "I do," I'll be there to help with the logistics of it all.

Invite whoever you would like! Generally though, elopements are around 10 people or less. Many of the beautiful locations you see couples eloping at have strict guidelines on the number of people allowed at the ceremony. Another option is to have an intimate ceremony, adventure the rest of the day, & have a reception with guests the next day. Best of both worlds.

They're whatever you want it to be! Most of the elopements I've photographed have had private vow readings, an officiant performing the ceremony, ring exchange, & then an added unique touch such as a unity ceremony. I have plenty more ideas in the planning guide I give all of my couples.

Eloping doesn't make your wedding day any less important! So let's plan some fun activities & go on some adventures. Having me follow you around - starting when you're getting ready for the day until the sun goes down - allows me to document the entire story of your day. The little details - the big moments - all of it. & it makes for a great narrative in your wedding album! :)


Whatever feels right. You can invite some of them. Or you can wait until afterwards and announce it on social media, with a printed card, or phone call. Or you can tell everyone ahead of time so that they have time to process the news. (I'm not even engaged yet & I've already broke the news to my mom that we plan to elope.) They might not be happy at first, but they're family, so they'll come around.

That's a matter of opinion. But as far as my photography packages go, nope! My elopement packages are for couples getting married in adventurous places! I put my whole heart & soul into helping my couples plan their day, so the pricing is different than my wedding pricing. But I will still happily photograph your backyard or micro wedding!

It really depends! As far as photography goes, no, they're actually more expensive. This is because of all the extra planning, time, travel & effort I put into my elopement packages. Elopements generally involve multiple locations, additional gear, certifications (Wilderness First Responder & CPR), permits & more in order to keep everyone safe & happy.

It depends on where you choose to elope. Here in NC, you need an ordained minister (online does not count) & two witnesses. In some states you don't need any witnesses & can marry yourselves. & in other states you can even have your dog 'sign' your marriage license. I will happily help you figure out the legalities. Another option if you want to be completely alone on your day is to do all of the legal stuff a different day.



It depends! A lot of my couples opt to carry their attire to the ceremony location & just get changed there. I'll bring a popup changing tent if the hike isn't too far. & if it's a longer/more difficult hike I'll bring a sheet to hang up to give you some coverage. Or, you can totally hike in your attire. Also, you can always choose a location that doesn't involve a hike at all! Who says adventure elopements have to involve long & grueling hikes anyway?

I believe that elopements are just as worth celebrating as a traditional wedding. That is why I offer the help & assistance that I do. With a traditional wedding you would hire a wedding planner. But for elopements, there's not really a good option to plan something unique while also taking the stress out of planning unless you work with a photographer like me who is eager to help.

Sure there's all inclusive elopement companies, but they're just a cookie cutter option that has been done hundreds of times before. If you really don't want more than an hour or two of coverage and don't want planning assistance, then unfortunately I'm not the photographer for you.

The show must go on! When you choose to elope, you're choosing to embrace the adventure. & weather is part of it. I always help my couples come up with at least 2 backup plans. Usually one involves a more sheltered area such as a forest or somewhere at a lower elevation. & the second option usually involves somewhere indoors such as the airbnb you've booked for your stay. Rain & fog actually make for some awesome photos!



Photos that capture the joy of your Elopement

Don't worry, your elopement won't be an all day photoshoot. I like to keep things candid, & try not to overly pose you. That way you can forget there’s even a camera there & fully enjoy your day.

Professional experience

When you hire me for your elopement day, you’re hiring a photographer who has a bachelors degree in fine art photography, ten years of photography experience as well as thousands of miles of hiking & backpacking experience. For your peace of mind, I’m also a certified wilderness first responder. 

All the best photos

Your elopement day only happens once & a photo I may not like could be your absolute favorite. That is why the only photos I do not deliver are unintentionally blurry/out of focus, photos where someone blinked, or photos that are almost exactly the same as another. You'll receive all the best, even the goofy outtakes, so you can relive the entire story of your elopement day. 

Elopement vendor suggestions, unique & fun activity ideas, location ideas, custom timeline, permit assistance, & no additional travel fees

If you don't already have a location picked out, I can give you some suggestions. After you've decided, I'll send my elopement planning guide that is full of ideas you can bring to life to make your day extra special. I'll also help with finding trustworthy vendors, help figure out what permits are required for your location, & make a timeline to keep us on track on the big day.

I'll help you narrow down the details to ensure we're at each spot during the best lighting, help with backup plans in case of bad weather, & make sure we choose a time where you're more likely to have some privacy. Because your experience is just as important as the photos.