Film Wedding Photographer

What does me being a film wedding photographer mean for you?

35mm film coverage is included in every wedding, elopement, and engagement package that I offer. I don’t specify the number of film photos that you will receive due to the unpredictability of film & because every session and event is unique.

Instax mini photos (the ones that look like a skinnier version of a polaroid) can be added on to any session or event. I’ve also recently obtained a super 8 camera that I’ll be experimenting with & hopefully be offering as an add on soon!

Film adds such nostalgia to your wedding gallery. The grainy-ness, the quality & the colors are unmatched. My editing style is inspired by film, so the digital and film images will mesh beautifully.

film wedding photographer in front of snowy tree

My history with film

After discovering my dad’s old film camera, I convinced my high school digital photography teacher to teach me how to use it. She let me stay after school to use the darkroom & taught me how to use the camera, develop film, & make prints in the darkroom. I fell in love with analog photography and started bringing that camera everywhere – on vacations, hikes, and even to junior prom! After high school I made it into a photography program at SUNY New Paltz and graduated with my BFA in 2016.

College was pretty intense so I took a break from film photography and photography in general after I graduated. But, in the past year I’ve decided to start incorporating film in with my wedding and elopement photography business. Film allows my couples and I to slow down – to take our time creating images, and get creative. Wedding photographers are notorious for overshooting & taking way too many images, so shooting film forces me to value quality over quantity which results in even better galleries. My favorite part about being a film wedding photographer is getting to share this little passion of mine with my couples.

frequently asked questions

What is film?

If you were born in the 90’s like me, then you definitely will remember film! Most of the cameras we saw as kids were automatic & point & shoot. We also had disposables. Instead of taking an image and being able to see it instantly on the back of the camera, film is a medium that requires a chemical process in order to reveal the photos onto the film strip. After your session or event I drop off the film to a trusted lab who handles all of that. But don’t worry, I have them scan & save the film into a digital form so that I can deliver the images with the rest of your gallery.

How are you able to shoot digital & Film at my wedding?

I use a camera harness that allows me to carry both of my digital cameras as well as my film camera. I definitely look a little silly carrying so many cameras at once, but the photos are worth the back pain! haha. I also have a second film camera as a backup or for my second photographer to use as well.

How many film photos will we get?

It’s different for every session or event! For one hour sessions I try to finish one complete roll of 36 exposures. Not all of the images always come out & sometimes I take 2 of the same pose just to make sure I got it. For weddings I usually go through 2-3 rolls. But again, every event is different & film is unpredictable so I can’t promise a certain amount.

If you have to get the film photos developed and scanned, does that mean we have to wait longer for our photos?

Nope! You won’t get any film photos in your sneak peek, but you will get them all in the final gallery. The lab I use is local to Asheville so I don’t have to mail the film like most photographers across the country. We’re very lucky to still have a photo lab (and a great one at that). The lab usually has the photos ready within a week or two. So, this doesn’t add any time to your wait.

Can We get Polaroids?

I don’t have a working classic polaroid camera, but I do have the recently popular instax minis! I do offer this as an add on. You’ll receive a pack of photos delivered in a custom linen photo album either at the end of the night or mailed to you within one month of the event or session.

Do you charge extra for the film coverage and can we remove it?

Yes, part of the way I have determined my pricing is to include the cost of film & developing. But no, you cannot remove film coverage of your wedding just to get a cheaper package price. Film is my passion, it’s what I get most excited about & helps me to be a better artist. To ask me not to shoot film for your event or session would be like telling a painter they can only use shades of grey paint. That’s no fun and takes away my artistic vision.

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