The Best Spots to Get Your Biltmore Engagement Photos Taken

couple standing in front of the Biltmore

If you’re engaged and are wondering where to get your engagement photos taken, consider getting them done at The Biltmore in Asheville. The Biltmore offers a variety of backdrops for your engagement photos. From fields to the classic architecture of the house to the gardens & more – The Biltmore is a great choice for any engaged couple. Here are what I consider the Best Spots at The Biltmore For Engagement Photos. If you’re ready to book your engagement session with an Asheville engagement photographer who has experience photographing couples at The Biltmore, let’s chat.

Locations featuring The Biltmore house in Asheville

couple running on lawn of the Biltmore

The High Lawn is a classic spot at The Biltmore. If you walk up towards the Diana statue, you’ll not only get a great view of the house but also the mountains behind the house. It is a very popular spot! But, as long as there aren’t other people in the middle of the lawn, I’ll have no problem editing them out to make it look like you were the only ones there. Most people never walk all the way to the top or even halfway up the hill unless it’s summer & they’re having a picnic. This is by far the most popular spot at The Biltmore for engagement photos.

couple standing in front of the Biltmore

The Lower High Lawn

This area is great because you can get a nice ring shot with the house behind it. This is where most people take photos in front of the house though, so you may have to wait your turn to get the perfect photos.

couple standing in front of the Biltmore for their engagement photos

In Front of the House

The architecture of the house itself makes a beautiful backdrop! There’s a space to the left of the front door where we can explore and get some nice shots featuring the house’s design.

The Side Lawn

The Side Lawn is a great area to get some photos with movement. There’s a small area to walk around with the house in the background. There’s also a vine covered tunnel that looks beautiful in the summer & some benches to get some sitting poses.

couple sitting on bench at The Biltmore for their engagement

The Library Terrace & South Terrace

The Library Terrace is a covered area directly next to the house. There’s usually twinkly lights in the ceiling of the awning & you get a beautiful view of the mountains behind the house. The South Terrace is generally not open to the public unless it’s winter. This is because it’s the most popular spot for wedding receptions happening on the estate. But, if you’re lucky enough to walk along here when it’s open, you can get a really cool shot under a small pavilion like structure.

The Lagoon

In order to get to The Lagoon, you have to drive a little ways down the road. There’s two parking lots you can park in. One allows you to just hop out of the car and see the backside view of the house, while the other requires you to walk from one end of the lagoon to the other in order to see the view. This is a popular spot for proposals because it’s very private. Most people spend their time along the walking trail when at the lagoon, & not near the parking lot with the view. Many of my Biltmore engagement photo sessions start here and then we drive around to the front of the house to finish the session

Biltmore Engagement Photo Locations Featuring Picturesque Views

man dipping woman in front of flower garden for engagement photos at the biltmore

The Gardens

The Gardens at The Biltmore in Asheville, are some of the best! Every couple of months the arrangement of flowers and plants changes. The only months you won’t see any flowers are from Nov-the end of February. The rest of the year it’s full of colorful blooms. There’s also a separate rose garden that is closer to the conservatory greenhouse. The roses are usually in bloom May through September.

The Field Near the South Terrace

Close to the South Terrace & Side Lawn is an expansive field overlooking the mountains. There’s a walking path as well. This spot is extremely secluded. Most visitors don’t even know it exists or would rather stay closer to the house. Currently there is construction going on so getting photos with the house in the backdrop is going to have construction in it, but there’s still beautiful views of the mountains.

The Bass Pond

The Bass Pond has a little walking trail that leads down to a creek and a bridge next to the pond. There’s a bamboo forest & there’s usually not too many people there.

couple kissing in greenhouse conservatory

The Conservatory

While not technically a location with a picturesque view, it is picturesque within itself. (& The Conservatory doesn’t really fit into any other category on this list). This spot is perfect for houseplant enthusiasts. Walking through the conservatory feels like walking through a jungle – especially in the summertime. Some notable rooms to get photos taken in are the cactus room & the orchid room. Even the outside of the building is just stunning! This is also the only option for indoor photos so it will always be the backup plan in case of bad weather. (But I also own clear umbrellas for you to use if you don’t mind braving the rain for some photos!)

Seasonal Locations For Biltmore Engagement Photos

The Sunflower Fields in Antler Village

The sunflower fields are close to Antler Village. They generally bloom first in August and then a second wave usually blooms in September. I wouldn’t recommend doing your entire session here because there’s not too many poses or prompts you can do when surrounded by tall sunflowers, but there is another field nearby with beautiful mountain views.

Antler Hill Village String Lights

Around Christmas time the Antler Hill Village gets decorated for Christmas. There’s an area that they hang string lights from the trees. Dusk is the best time for these photos as they don’t usually turn the lights on until then. If your favorite time of the year is around the holidays, this is a must for your Biltmore engagement photos.

Christmas Tree on the Front Lawn

The lawn directly in front of the Biltmore house gets a makeover for Christmas. In front of the fountain they place a grove of Christmas trees with one large one in the center.

Azalea Gardens

The Azalea Gardens tend to peak in mid to late April. The azaleas are shades of pink, purple & even orange. It does require a bit of a walk, but is so worth it! The easiest way to see these is to either park at the house and walk, or for a slightly shorter walk you can park at the conservatory.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great spots for Engagement Photos at The Biltmore in Asheville. You really can’t go wrong no matter which one(s) you choose! As a professional engagement photographer voted Best of Asheville two years in a row, I am more than happy to help you choose the one that’s right for you!

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