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If you’re planning a Biltmore proposal, I’ve got all the tips & tricks to make sure your photos and your experience turn out amazing! Proposals at The Biltmore are very common because of how beautiful the estate and the house are. I’ve photographed a number of Biltmore Proposals myself, so I’ve learned a lot of things along the way. If you still have questions about your Biltmore proposal plans, feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help!

Biltmore Proposal Table of Contents

  1. Buying Your Tickets
  2. Choosing Where to Propose
  3. Where to Park
  4. Bad Weather Plan
  5. The Photo Session
  6. Book the Photographer
  7. They Say I Do!
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Buying your Tickets

In order to get onto the Biltmore property, you’re going to need tickets. There’s a few different kinds of tickets but the most commonly purchased are the Grounds & Gardens pass & The Biltmore House & Grounds tickets. The Gardens & Grounds pass allows you to explore the estate, have a free wine tasting, & have access to Antler village where there are restaurants & shops. The Biltmore House & Grounds ticket is the same except you also are able to book a self guided tour of the house. Tickets sell out ahead of time during the fall months & holiday season.

Another option to be able to access the estate for your Biltmore Proposal is to book a stay at the Inn or the hotel. Ticket prices vary depending on the time of year. They’re always more expensive during the holiday season though. But don’t worry, you won’t have to purchase three tickets if you hire me to photograph your Biltmore proposal. I have an annual pass so you won’t have to worry about my ticket.

Personally, I always recommend to my couples that they make an entire day out of their proposal. The most popular plans are to explore the estate and gardens, go on the house tour, have the proposal around sunset, afterwards go to the included wine tasting, and then go to dinner at one of the restaurants in Antler Village.

couple standing in front of the Biltmore after their proposal

Choosing Where to Propose

The Biltmore estate is fairly spread out and there’s lots of different options when it comes to choosing a spot to propose. My personal favorite is on the High Lawn near the Diana statue. If you walk about halfway up the hill, I’ll be able to get the perfect shot of you proposing with both the house and the mountains in the background (weather permitting of course.) This is also an easy spot to access if you’ve just finished your house tour.

Another great spot if you’re wanting less people around is at The Lagoon. Near the parking area is a flat spot next to the water where you can see the backside of the house up on the hill in the distance. Generally after a proposal at The Lagoon, my clients and I make our way towards the house to finish up the session

Some other location ideas would be the gardens, the side lawn, the field near the house, the lawn right in front of the house, the bass pond, & the azalea gardens when those are in bloom. For a more detailed list of Biltmore Proposal spots, checkout my post on the best spots for photos at The Biltmore.

Couple kissing on side terrace at the biltmore

Where to Park for your Biltmore Proposal

Getting to the Biltmore

The parking lot you should choose depends on where the proposal will happen. But, for the most part there are two lots that will be the best option if your proposal is near the Biltmore house. When you drive onto the estate, you’ll drive up to a ticketing booth where they’ll scan your passes. From here you’ll see a sign that says “Biltmore House.” Follow that sign and now you’re on a one-way road that will bring you to the parking areas.


Sometimes they have employees out who will try to tell you to park in the first lot on the right. Avoid doing this because this lot is too far to walk to the house from. They have trolleys that shuttle guests from this lot to the house and it will waste a lot of time if you have a timeline to follow such as making it to your proposal spot on time. Instead, tell them you’d like to park in the closer lots and walk to the house. They never argue & will tell you to keep driving. The next lots you see will both be totally fine to park in. If your proposal will be at the high lawn & you don’t plan on doing anything beforehand, I suggest using the lot on the left and parking as high up on the hill as you can. It’s less walking that way.

If you need a map, they have one on the website.

couple standing in front of The Biltmore for their engagement photos

Bad Weather Plan

The only indoor spot at The Biltmore where you’re allowed to propose and have professional photography is the conservatory. This space is a giant greenhouse full of plants all year round. While it is gorgeous, I always recommend to my clients to brave the weather if it’s just a little rain and stay outside as much as possible. That way the lighting is better & you’ll get more of a variety in your photos. I have two clear umbrellas for you to use as well so you won’t get drenched. If the weather is truly unbearable, we’ll chat the day before to make a backup plan. Usually shifting the time a few hours in either direction allows us to avoid the worst of it.

The Biltmore Proposal Photo Session

What time should you propose at the Biltmore?

The best time to propose at the Biltmore is right before sunset. When there’s no clouds, the sun sets behind the house and creates a beautiful golden glow all over the estate. Sunset times vary depending on the time of year. In the summer it’s not always possible to be at the house during sunset because of the time when the grounds close. The next best time would be at 9am. The gates open in the morning at 8:30, so this gives us time to drive to the parking lot and for me to get some test shots in before you get to the pre-designated spot where you’ll propose.

What if I only need a few photos?

Many couples feel that they only need a couple of photos of their proposal and maybe a few afterwards. As a professional photographer who has photographed many Biltmore Proposals, I do not recommend going with a photo session that only includes the proposal and a couple photos afterwards. After you propose and they say “yes!” both of your emotions will be running high. As a documentary style photographer, those are the moments I promise that you’ll want to remember forever! The Biltmore is not only the perfect spot to propose because of the beauty of it, but there’s also plenty of space to explore and walk around. Trust me, you won’t be able to sit still with all the excitement of the day!

For your session, I’ll use prompts to get y’all moving and exploring the estate so that your emotions and candid memories are never forgotten. For this reason, I do not offer short sessions or ones that only include a few photos. I do however offer sessions that include the proposal as well as an hour session afterwards.

What should I wear?

No worries, I send out a style guide with tips and tricks to wear the best outfit that won’t be distracting or take away from the photos. But, the basics are to stick to neutral colors, wear what you’re comfortable in, & avoid clothes with large logos or patterns. Also, if it’s raining, make sure to wear clothing that won’t show the rain spots.

A pro tip to get your partner to dress up without them getting suspicious is to let them know you’ve booked a reservation at the fancier restaurant in Antler village. Whether or not it’s true, they’ll definitely want to look their best to fit the vibe! Also, if your partner likes to get their nails done, make sure you give the heads up about your proposal to their closest friend. A good friend will make sure they have a fresh set of nails ready for the photos to show off the ring.

Book the Photographer For Your Biltmore Proposal!

I’m definitely biased here, but I would highly recommend booking a photographer to capture your proposal! This is the first step in the next chapter of your story with your partner & it deserves to be captured! I offer a special session price for Biltmore sessions because of how close I live to it & how frequently I am there. I also offer coverage on both digital & film!

These Biltmore proposal sessions include:

  • coverage of the proposal
  • GIF video of the proposal
  • an hour session afterwards
  • coverage on both digital & 35mm film
  • a style guide to help you choose your outfit
  • my help in planning the proposal every step of the way
  • a personalized questionnaire so that I can get to know you both better & can choose prompts that show off your personalities
  • a sneak peek within 24 hours (but honestly most of the time that same day!)
  • the full gallery within 4 weeks

My Biltmore Proposal package includes personal guidance as I’m guessing you’ve never proposed before! I’ll basically hold your hand through the entire process. From reminding you to keep your keys and wallet in the pocket not facing the camera during the actual proposal, to sending a photo with a big red X of exactly where you should stand, I’ve got you! Still unsure? Here’s what some of my past couples have had to say about their experience.

google review of biltmore proposal photographer
google review of engagement photographer

They Say “I Do!”

So you’ve dropped down on one knee, spilled your heart out, & they’ve said yes! What now? Celebrate! One of the cool things about proposing at The Biltmore is that they allow their own alcohol on the estate. So if you want to celebrate with a bottle of Biltmore champagne, you can! After the proposal we’ll take some cheesy smiling shots to send to family and then start exploring the grounds.

Planning your proposal at The Biltmore can feel stressful! But, that’s why I’ve written this guide – to help you navigate so that you can have the best proposal ever. If you’re looking for someone to capture this important moment of your life, feel free to contact me. I’d be honored to be your photographer!

* Some photos from this post were taken while working for Perfect Proposal. They’re a company that does offer shorter 30 min sessions if that’s more your style. They have a team of associate photographers (myself being one of them) whose job it is to show up & take the photos but then someone else edits them. They’re a great option if you don’t have a large budget and if you don’t have a preference in getting to know your photographer.



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Amanda & Joe

"Kirsten was so sweet and fun to hang out with - it felt like we brought a friend along with us! She captured everything I wanted and gave us the perfect photos for us to remember our special day.
We received a mix of candid photos and portraits.

I thought I would feel awkward taking portraits. but she gave great prompts that made it fun and had us laughing. When I received my photos. I was blown away at how natural we looked and how much of our love was captured in the photos. I am literally obsessed with how our pictures came out!"

Payton & Kristen

"Kirsten produced lovely photos from our very dreamy and memorable mountain photo shoot. We display the engagement photos proudly all around our house. She knows the area well and can suggest areas if you are not.

She's non-judgmental if you're nervous about being in front of a camera and LGBTQ+ friendly! We highly recommend Kirsten to anyone looking to get engaged or elope in the Asheville area."

Caroline & Cameron

"😭😭 These are amazing. Thank you so so much for making this chaotic day look so peaceful and magical. I know we were rushed but you'd never know from these pictures. We couldn't have asked for more! and thank you for getting us our gallery and sneak peaks so quickly!!"

Amythest & Sara

"Kirsten was delightful and really allowed us to be ourselves and enjoy the time together. The photos from this session are warm. intimate. and really showcase the love that my wife and I hold in our relationship. I am forever thankful for that afternoon Kirsten spent with us. if you are considering booking a session. this is a business you want to do it with <3"

Sarah & Alex

"Kirsten was absolutely amazing to work with! While visiting the States on our honeymoon, we arranged to have photos taken to commemorate our elopement, and Kirsten took our vision and ran with it! Kirsten made the the entire experience so easy for us - from helping us plan and pick a venue, to bringing her pop-up tent for a wardrobe change at the top of the mountain.

Kirsten went above and beyond The photos themselves are more beautiful than we could have hoped for. and we are so grateful. Could not recommend Kirsten enough!"






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